Get To Know Noble Uprising Noblewoman, Manika Brunner

Noble Uprising Noblewoman, Manika Brunner, has faced many challenges in her past that include everything from being adopted and living in drug-addled homes to surviving violent relationships. She’s currently an accomplished mother who strives to provide the best for her honor-roll awarded children who lost their father at a young age through illness. Through her faith, she strives and pushes to do all that she can to make a better environment for herself and her family.

She perseveres to gain experience in the professional world that will one day allow her to start her own non-profit that will help to encourage and provide for struggling youth in the community. Manika is a natural leader who can thrive in many diverse roles. She’s charismatic, dependable, and truly has a heart for others. Manika is a peoples person and she is looking for leadership opportunities where she can learn new skills and help people solve problems.

Noble Uprising CEO, Audrey Awasom, interviewed Manika to learn more about the inspiration behind her participation in the Noble Up Program.

Manika Brunner, Noble Uprising Noblewoman

Manika Brunner, Noble Uprising Noblewoman

Audrey: What inspired you to participate in the Noble Up Program?

Manika: Everything from my past motivated me to participate in the Noble Up Program. I enrolled in this program as an avenue to learn what my true purpose is and what God’s true will is for my life. I came from a background where I experienced a lot of difficulties, however, I would like to grow into a professional that my children and family can look up to. I want to live out my dream and learn how to be a servant-leader in my community and I believe that Noble Uprising will help me accomplish this goal.

Audrey: What do you look forward to the most in participating in this program?

Manika: I look forward to learning from professionals on how to build confidence and get rid of self-doubt and insecurities. the most. I would like to grow and mature in the program while also improving my problem solving and verbal/nonverbal communication skills. I also look forward to enhancing my computer literacy skills and writing abilities. Lastly, I am most excited to build my professional network and learn from individuals who are established in their professions.  

Audrey: What are some of the biggest challenges that you have faced?

Manika: I have experienced a lot of challenges but some of the biggest challenges that I faced as a young adult was living in an environment that was unconducive to my personal and professional growth in addition to being a single mother. I know what it is like to live in poverty and not have any support. I have overcome many things such as domestic abuse and depression. Regardless of everything that I have been through I have learned to preserve and triumph over every circumstance thrown my way. I look forward to growing more in the Noble Up program.  

Audrey: What three traits define you?

Manika: I am a passionate, strong-minded, and determined individual.  

Audrey: What or who inspires you?

Manika: I am inspired by women like Oprah Winfrey who defy the odds and overcome challenging situations. Oprah came from a very challenging past and I am inspired by her story and mostly her faith in God. Oprah once said “Turn your wounds into wisdom” and that is exactly what I aspire to do.

Audrey: What advice would you give to other homeless or impoverished women?

Manika: I will advise any woman to do whatever scares you because it often leads you to beautiful destinations. I also encourage you to believe that things will change and someone in the world is counting on you to make it. I believe in you and your ability to overcome your situation and I am rooting for you. I would like to let other women know that their situations does not define them. Ask for help but help others who are in challenging situations as well. Be the person you need or needed in your situation. Be the change that you desire.

Honestly, my relationship with God is what got me through a lot of situations so I will advice that you should seek God and grow a relationship with Him. Also, read something that uplifts you every day and apply to the Noble Up program.

Manika Brunner, Middle, with other Noblewomen and members of the Noble Uprising team

Manika Brunner, Middle, with other Noblewomen and members of the Noble Uprising team

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