Get To Know Noble Uprising Noblewoman, India Dimes

Noblewoman, India Dimes

Noblewoman, India Dimes

Noble Uprising Noblewoman, India Dimes, is a competitive and driven young professional who is passionate about engaging with customers. She aspires to find a position in a customer service oriented field that allows her to develop and maintain client relationships. Her experience as a single mother who was raised by a single mother allowed her to develop self-sufficiency. The obstacles India faced in her youth guided her to use cleaning as an avenue to escape her unfortunate reality.

She finds most comfort in cleaning and would like to share this with other young adults like herself. She hopes to inspire and empower young adults through her cleaning empire as a positive alternative to others not given the opportunity to contribute to society. She is a mother of an amazing one year old who is her everyday motivation to strive to be a Noble Woman. She would like to be a source of encouragement to young adults in her family and community.

Noble Uprising CEO, Audrey Awasom, interviewed India to learn more about the inspiration behind her participation in the Noble Up Program.

Audrey: What are some of the biggest challenges that you have faced?

India: My biggest challenge is raising a child as a single parent; being a new mother it is very hard leaving your child eight hours a day just in order to provide and not being able to spend time with her. Growing up I faced challenges with living in poverty growing in an environment with substance abuse under a one parent household with 3 siblings.

Audrey: What inspired you to participate in the Noble Up Program?

India: I wanted to get involved in the Noble Up program to learn how to become a successful businesswoman that has a full knowledge of professionalism. I have always wanted to carry myself in a way where I am respected and approachable in my daily life and in the workplace. With the help of the Noble Up program, I will gain the confidence to acquire a job that will lead to my ultimate goal of being an entrepreneur. I am also excited that the Noble Up team will provide me with modern office training to be able to accomplish my goal and to be an example for other women who have not realized how NOBLE they are and can be.

Audrey: What do you look forward to the most in participating in this program?

India: With my participation with the program I will be able to gain employment with a greater career prospect that will allow me to successfully provide for my daughter. I would also like to gain new workplace skills, professionalism and confidence to advance in my new career.

Noblewoman, India Dimes

Noblewoman, India Dimes

Audrey: What three traits define you?

India: Most people describe me as diligent, outgoing and a great listener.

Audrey: What or who inspires you?

India: I am inspired by young entrepreneurs who find strategic ways to solve complex problems. I enjoy learning about selfless individuals who make it their goal to satisfy others. This can be normal people who exhibit small acts of kindness in there daily life. For example, I am inspired by someone who goes out of there way to check on others well being. I am also inspired by my daughter Inirah who makes me want to be a better leader and a selfless role model.

Audrey: What advice would you give to other homeless or impoverished women?

India: I would advise other impoverished women to make a step forward and don’t be afraid to give yourself a chance! No matter your circumstances you can always take one step towards your goal. Believe in your process because there is always a goal you can accomplish. It doesn’t matter how big or small, never be afraid to ask for help.


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