Introducing the Noble Up Program Noblewomen


MARYLAND, December 18, 2018 – Noble Uprising is pleased to announce that it has accepted three homeless and impoverished women into its Noble Up program. The Noble Up Program is an intensive career readiness and leadership development program that equips homeless and impoverished women with the resources and skills needed to be competitive in the job market. Our program focuses on training homeless women with the knowledge, skills, and community needed to acquire entry-level administrative employment.

Our 2018 cohort of Noblewomen were selected after a series of applications, interviews, and screening processes. Over the course of three months, our women will participate in immersive seminars and interactive workshops facilitated by professors, local business owners, and community leaders. In addition to training, we also provide our women with professional clothing, transportation, laptops, mentors, Microsoft Office Suite Certificates, and other supporting services. Upon the completion of the three-month training, our Noblewomen stay in the program indefinitely to ensure their success in their various jobs.

Noble Uprising is excited to introduce the cohort of Noblewomen who are part of the 2018 Noble Up Program.



Taylor is a very ambitious, tenacious, and hardworking individual who is interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. Her interest in medicine began when she studied Biology at Oakwood University. After losing a family member who suffered from a cancerous brain tumor she was inspired to pursue a career as a neurosurgeon. Through her resilience and dedication to providing better opportunities for her daughter, Taylor overcame the challenges of living in an abusive household. She's currently looking for opportunities in the medical field in order to gain experience and knowledge in the field.



Manika has faced many challenges in her past that include everything from being adopted and living in drug-addled homes to surviving violent relationships. She’s currently an accomplished mother who strives to provide the best for her honor-roll awarded children who lost their father at a young age through illness. Through her faith, she strives and pushes to do all that she can to make a better environment for herself and her family. She perseveres to gain experience in the professional world that will one day allow her to start her own non-profit that will help to encourage and provide for struggling youth in the community. Manika is a natural leader who can thrive in many diverse roles. She’s charismatic, dependable, and truly has a heart for others. Manika is a peoples person and she aspires to get employment where she can learn new skills and help people solve problems.



India is a competitive and driven young professional who is passionate about engaging with customers. She aspires to find a position in a customer service oriented field that allows her to develop and maintain client relationships. Her experience as a single mother who was raised by a single mother allowed her to develop self-sufficiency. The obstacles India faced in her youth guided her to use cleaning as an avenue to escape her unfortunate reality. She finds most comfort in cleaning and would like to share this with other young adults like herself. She hopes to inspire and empower young adults through her cleaning empire as a positive alternative to others not given the opportunity to contribute to society. She is a mother of an amazing one year old who is her everyday motivation to strive to be a Noble Woman. She would like to be a source of encouragement to young adults in her family and community.

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Noble Uprising is a non-profit organization that empowers women experiencing homelessness through career readiness seminars, workforce development programs, and sustainable job opportunities. Through corporate partnerships, we cultivate lifelong skills for our clients to maintain a competitive edge in the job market. We hope that this philanthropic approach to support job creation for homeless individuals and economic growth in Maryland will decrease the number of women in homeless shelters. Learn more at and follow along at LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

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